Interactive Preschool Calendar for SMART BOARD (English)

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What is it and how can it be used?

The proposed material is an interactive online calendar created with Genially that you can use without leaving the website. This resource consists of five sections:

The student must drag the correct words and numbers to the white poster for each section. It is an activity that we can do with one student or several at the same time so that each one does a section. 

It is an activity that you can use on the digital board but if you are looking for an interactive calendar that can be printed do not worry as you can click on this printable interactive calendar.

What ages can it be used with?

We have been using the proposed interactive calendar in early Childhood Education althought it can also be used in the first courses of Primary Education. If you are looking for another one more adapted to this last stage you also have the Primary Educacion calendar.

Where can it be used?

It is an ideal material to use the digital whiteboard at the beginning of the morning. You can use it in any subject related to english. For spanish language subjects you can use the interactive calendar for spanish subjects.


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profile avatar 2021-09-12 13:09:24

Me encanta! Gran trabajo

profile avatar 2021-09-12 13:58:25

Me encanta! Gran trabajo

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